About Me

I am a self-taught Developer with 2 Year’s Experience Developing Full Stack Websites. I also have 15 plus years of Business Experience with 3 years of Business Intelligence. My focus is to help small to medium sized businesses engage their customers online by delivering professional websites that fit their budget. Also I offer technical training for everything from writing SQL Code, Microsoft Office, or Developer Laguages. If you have any questions please contact me, so we can discuss your business needs. I can help your business develop website applications that look good on both the Desktop and on Mobile Phones. Z Business Solutions is a United States Business Located in Orange County, California and can offer our services anywhere in the United States.

Your Business

I know that creating a Website can be a daunting task for many Small Business Owners. I will take those worries away from you so you can concentrate on your product, customers, and growing your business larger. Millennials do 60% of their product purchasing online, making having a user-friendly Website that can also be used on a Mobile Device is essential for all businesses. Regardless of your size.

I am here to help you Create a Dynamic, User-Friendly Web/Mobile Application. My Goal is to help your business realize your Digital Product Needs and to Deliver a Product that will help you to engage with your customers.


  • Create Dynamic Web/Mobile Applications
  • Use the Best Technology
  • Move/Create Your Professional Web/Mobile Application


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Backend (Node.js)
  • Databases (MongoDB, MySQL)
  • React Native (Coming January 2020)
  • Frontend (React) (Coming January 2020)
  • IOS App Development (Coming June 2020)