My Work

Wild Barrel Brewing Company had a Wordpress Website that did not have the look and feel of a modern site. It also did not translate well on a mobile device. Working with the Owners I provided them with a Website that not only looks and feels like a professional website but one that also looks great on a mobile device. The Owners also requested the ability to add and remove beers and merchandise without having to ask me. I provided them with an Admin Portal so they could Add, Remove, Update, Delete both Beers and Merchandise on their site with ease. Other improvements made to the site are an added Reservation Page, Events Page, integrated Google Maps, and Instagram.

Heidelberg Bakery had a website that had not been updated since the late 1990's. I helped them to move their site into the future. Not only did I give them a more User-Friendly Site. I also was able to add Instagram, Photo Galleries, and a Better Mobile-Friendly Site for their Customers. I was able to save them money on their Hosting Package by moving them to a more cost-effective cloud-platform. I also helped them to improve visibility of their site by updating their SSL Certificates so no customer would get a Not Trusted Site Notification. Heidelberg Bakery is using this new site to engage with their customers by Showcasing their Amazing Product.